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    RareSniping Rules [Please Read]


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    RareSniping Rules [Please Read] Empty RareSniping Rules [Please Read]

    Post by Jrlop99 on Mon Mar 14, 2011 6:25 pm

    To get a bit of order on this site and make it a bit more appealing, Abide by these rules and there shouldn't be any problems. Remember we're all here to have fun and these are just to ensure everyone has fun.
    If you see someone breaching any of these rules, use the report button, the exclamation mark in the red triangle, to report it to one of the mods or the admins and from there it will be reviewed and addressed. don't abuse the report button.
    If a moderator judges you have abused these rules, the first time, you will get a warning, if you are reported again, you will get a second warning, a third time will lead to your account being suspended for seven days, a fourth time will lead to your account to being deleted.

    1). Cyber Bullying Will NOT Be Tolerated
    -Cyber Bullying will not be tolerated as it makes the time people spend here less enjoyable. Honestly, I don't care how big it makes you feel.
    2). No Threads Created to Abuse Posters
    -Could come under Cyber Bullying but I'm putting it anyone. Don't create a thread to bash another poster. If you have a problem with someone, PM them or take it to the chatbox.
    3). No Spam/Advertising
    -Pretty self explanatory. If you want to advertise another site, ask an administrator first.
    4). No Trolling
    -Don't make posts just to get people riled up.
    5). No Pornographic or Sexually Explicit Images
    -Jokes are cool, but don't go posting pictures of naked people. This site should be appropriate for all ages and people shouldn't be afraid to get on at their Nan's house without offending her.
    6). No Self-Advertising
    -No need to think you're all high and mighty, respect others and don't "sell" yourself, if you get that.
    7). No Cybering
    -Enough said.
    . No Stupid Threads
    -This includes but not limited to, Raise Your Post Count, My ____ Post, Am I Pretty?, because no, you're not.

    Signature Guidelines:
    So that signatures don't take up heaps of room and get people annoyed, here's what you need to know:
    -No more than 3 pictures in your sig. If you have 3 pictures you are also allowed a small amount of text. If you exceed this limit you will be told to change it, if that does not happen within 24 hours, it will be changed for you.
    -Please No Youtube Videos Only Links

    This is all you need to know. And remember, have fun!
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